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Stripey Throw Pillows

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Yo, this decorative throw pillow is beautifully detailed!

Front side features our distorted swoop design,  backside is a solid cotton fabric. 

Seams are machine sewn, however, this handmade pillow is decorative and not meant for pillowing fighting or other forms of abuse. 



<> Size: ~14x14”

<> Material: Acrylic yarn, felt backing, recycled acrylic yarn stuffing, recycled tufting cloth filling and poly fil.  

<> Handmade 



<> Cute design, perfect decor for an office, living room or bedroom.

<> Completely handmade with high quality materials.





All tufted pieces are vacuumed before shipment, however, It’s totally normal for there to be light shedding initially.

Clean with non-abrasive soap, gently towel blot with warm water and air dry (or blow dry on cool.) 

This handmade decorative art pillow is *not* machine washable!

Vacuuming your new pillow is totally okay (and recommended!) Always use a non-spinning attachment!



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