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It’s a rug, but it’s meant for the wall?

YUP! As these are handmade pieces of art they are recommended for wall hanging or display on a shelf… bookcase.. or anywhere that isn’t underneath a dirty shoe. If you’ve found that the absolute best place for your piece is on the floor, please make sure that the space you’ve chosen is low/no traffic.

How do I hang it up?

Every item comes with a D-ring sewn into the rug itself, (some pieces may have multiple hang points sewn in for balance or for you to choose which direction it hangs.)

How do I clean it?

Easy! Dab a slightly damp cloth on the surface and spot clean. Follow with blotting dry with a towel. And let’s get the big one out of the way, absolutely, under no circumstance should you *ever* submerge your piece in water. These pieces are finished with either a hard PVA glue, polyester stabilizer, or a latex based low VOC adhesive and are not meant to be machine washed. 

General Maintenance…

To keep your piece looking fresh, clean it with a lint roller and dust/remove lint with a hand vac. Do not pull loose fibers, but you can definitely trim it with a scissors if needed :)


Where’s my order?

We take 1-7 days between order placement and shipping, you’ll receive an email as soon as your order has been shipped! We’re striving for perfection when we ship out your piece, and perfection takes time!

I ordered a finished piece and a preorder for another item, will they ship separately?

Nope! Finished pieces ordered with preorders will ship together in one package. 


If you’re interested in a commissioned piece, feel free to contact notjustsnakes@gmail.com Make sure to include the general size you’re looking for and reference images (if necessary.)

Wholesale inquiries are welcome! Reach out to notjustsnakes@gmail.com

Did i miss something?shoot me a message! notjustsnakes@gmail.com